May 30 2015

 Here it is! The Primitive Mountain.
What an amazing journey this has been and I very excited to share this with you!
The album is available for purchase now at:

I hope you will love it and please, share the link and lets get everyone to get their copy of the album!
Remember, a percentage of each album sold will be donated to VOKRA - Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association So you're getting awesome music AND helping kittens!! Perfect!


February 11 2015
Here is the half hour "documentary" about the making of The Primitive Mountain.
A big thank you to everyone involved in making this!

Also, a great mention in Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles magazine HERE


January 7 2015
It is said that life is a journey, not a destination and we are all travelers sharing our experiences with one another on a conscious and a subconscious level and we affect each other in ways and forms that we can't fully understand yet.

Many of the people whom I've met throughout my journey and to whom I've talked to about my life in great detail all said to me that I should write a book, as it's a story worth sharing.
I've always taken this under deep consideration but never knew quite how to express it properly.
I've recently heeded this suggestion and throughout the past year I have worked very hard on sharing my personal experiences with the world through words...only I added music to it.

I hope that this story will connect with some of you and that your own infinite flame will always shine your path.

I am honoured to share chapter one of my journey with you.
I give to you; "A Thousand Years".


Audio Download:
NOTE: You can download the track for free, should you chose to donate 10% of the proceedings will go to V.O.K.R.A (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association)


December 4 2014
Please visit my Facebook Page HERE for the unveiling of the album artwork!

There are a total of 8 unique artwork pieces that I made which are tied in beautifully with the lyrics and theme of the album.
All 8 pieces will be available only through the Eco Sleeve CD and will include all album credits as well as the lyrics to each song.

Later this month I will be releasing the first single from the album, the track in titled "A Thousand Years". It's a lengthy and absolutely epic track that includes a mind blowing drum solo by Ryan Van Poederooyen .


December 1 2014
Mixing continues...
Here's a short audio clip of the end chorus to the song Open Doors. This is just a sample of the vocals and piano alone.
12 layers of vocals performed by Dave Padden, Seah Maister (also Piano), Jenna Earle, Karli McIntosh.

Cover artwork will be revealed this Thursday!


November 2 2014
It is with great pleasure and excitement that I can officially announce that the recordings for the album are all done!

The girls of Sound Of The Sun put in some fine work this weekend and finished up the rest of the backing vocals and I must say, it sounds absolutely incredible!
If you haven't done so yet, please check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/SoundoftheSunMusic?ref=br_tf and show them some support!

Next weekend, it's back to Fader Mountain Studios with the great Scott Ternan to start mixing the album!
Scott engineered the recording of the drums for the album and has also worked with countless of other bands and artists including Mudvayne, Fear Factory, Devin Townsend, Spineshank and many more.

More news coming soon!


September 26 2014
Off to the studio again this weekend to work on the track "Frail Human Form".
Vocals will be handled by Conan Freeman as well as Dave Padden. This song, being the heaviest on the album is a shifting point dynamically both musically and lyrically.

For Bass-heads out there, here's a sample clip of part of the song. The bass is mixed very loud for me to go over and listen to many times and pick it apart.
This sample drops just before the bridge and into the final part which is the guitar solo by Christofer Malmoström (not shown in the audio...I'm keeping it as a surprise for when it's done).
Cory McBain on guitars.

Have a great weekend!


September 18 2014
Having a tight rhythm foundation is essential and I am lucky to have been able to work with a great drummer such as Ryan Van Poederooyen on this album. He not only laid out a great foundation to build upon but also inspired me to take my bass playing to a new level.
When we talked about recording the drum parts it was very important for me to have the human element play a substantial roll during the whole recording process and so each track was done in one entire take which Ryan did 3 of and then we chose the best one. No edits, no gridding.

Ryan has a amazing sense of groove, tempo and feel and so for me, it was not only important to lock in with him rhythmically but also to bridge the groove with the melodies in a tasteful manner.

As well as figuring out my bass parts, I spent a lot of time refining my tone and after some experimentation, I got it sounding exactly as I wanted.
I'd like to share with you a Bass and Drums only mix of part of the song in titled "Open Doors". This is the end part of the bridge going into the guitar solo and last chorus section.


August 27 2014
It is time to officially start tracking vocals for the album and some great contributors have stepped up for the task! Here are the details:

-It is with great honour and privilege for me to announce that the main vocals for the album will be done by the great Dave Padden of the band Annihilator and Ryan Van Poederooyen's band Terror Syndrome. Needless to say, I am extremely excited about this!

-On September 5th I will be joined by Marc Dixon of the Virginia based band The Shallowz who is flying up here to Vancouver to lay down vocals for the acoustic track called "Navarino" and some other backing vocals as well.

-The amazingly talented Conan Freeman of the Vancouver band Cyanotic will lay down vocals on the track "Frail Human Form" which is the heaviest song on the album.

-Seah Maister , Jenna Earle, Karli MacIntosh who are collectively known as the band Sound Of The Sun will be providing backing vocals for the album. Check that band out!

Yours truly will also be handling some backing vocals as well as some other cool people.

I am hoping to have all the vocals done by the end of September and then it's mixing time!
I am very excited to be able to share this with you very soon!!


August 1 2014
I'm currently putting the final touches on the music, adding a few acoustic guitars, piano parts etc. and I am soon going to start recording vocals. I though I'd share with you an overview of what each song talks about:

We are the Ocean

This song touches on the subject of entanglement and our collective subconscious. We get up in the morning striving to do all and be all that we “want to be” and often forget about the consequences of our actions be it to another person or the environment.
We forget the fact that we're all one and the same. Everything and everyone effects each other in one way or another weather we want to or not and we need to remember that as we go about our day.

Open Doors

Continuing with the theme of connectivity (which is found all the way throughout the album), this one touches upon the subject of choice. We have a choice to stay in a current situation or move away from it to something that can better us or everyone else.
The line “All that we do and all that we say is traced in light and left behind” was inspired by a book I read which suggested that our energetic footprint, be it individually or globally (all beings in the world) leaves a trace of information behind it as our world, solar system, and universe travel through the great unknown.

The song also touches on the subject of monetizing a belief system; We take a philosophy or parts of a certain spiritual belief of the East and turn those into profit in our Western world feeding the paradox of the “want and need” that most if not all of Eastern philosophies teach to abandon.

The Dim Future Of Our Distant Past

Basically, the present. There are many sites around the world which all show a common thread; the connection to the natural order of things and to spirit. Something that we have unfortunately severed ourselves from.
Here I talk about our disconnection to everything by conflicts between people, countries, religions etc. A pattern and cycle that keeps repeating itself over and over again and we can't learn and realize that the only way to stop this is to change our current system.

Frail Human Form

This is the part of the album where I get angry at all that we've done and how we've let it all unfold.
This song talks about our leaders and their deceit, our eco system which is suffering immensely, the oceans which are slowly dying and the coming of a storm to help us in this distorted quest of ours to rid of all that is natural in the world only to realize that we're also as fragile as our environment is and we are must reconnect with it harmoniously.

The Primitive Mountain

I was watching an online lecture by one of my favourite authors and he spoke of a mountain which in our pre-history, people would go to in order to connect with the divine. When he spoke of it, I had an incredible image appear in my head of a mountain who has stood there for all time and has seen all that has been in the past and all that will happen in the future. A primitive mountain. A wise teacher. I knew then and there this would be the title of the album.


This song is a personal memoir in a way. I talk about my experiences over the past 14 years in which I've traveled extensively and moved around the world to finally settle where I am today.
Not in so many words I touch upon the places I've been, people I met and what I've felt then and now.

A Thousand Years

Another personal theme. All of what I've done (and perhaps what most of us will do) have far-reaching consequences than we will ever know or can understand in the present moment.
Ghandi said: “Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it”. I've learned this time and time again as I often look back and reflect upon the things that I've done.

In 2007 I packed my backpack and went to Southern Patagonia (one of many trips down there) where I spent 3 months trekking through the most incredible scenery the world has to offer. This time I wanted to go as far South as I possibly can and so I found myself in the small town of Puerto Williams on the island of Navarino.

I spent two magical weeks there, meeting a few local people some of which were descendants of the Yagan people who lived there for centuries. I was told of a cabin on the South of the island which was built by the local fishermen back in the early 1940's and so I went on the day and a half trek and I spent 4 days in the cabin around Lake Windhond.

The experience was remarkably significant. More than I realized then and there. (see notes on A Thousand Years). I stood outside the cabin at 2am looking up at the stars and realizing that the only people who are standing South of where I am now are the people who are in Antarctica. I was in fact the Southernmost person standing on the American continent and thus, the southernmost place on earth outside of Antarctica. That realization had a profound effect on me and it sparked the lyrics of this song.


June 14 2014
The recording process for "The Primitive Mountain" has officially begun!
An absolute incredible day at The Farm Studios . Ryan Van Poederooyen is an absolute monster of a drummer and has set the bar for the musicianship on this album to be very high!
I don't know of many people who have such an incredible command of their instrument. He nailed the entire album in under 10 hours with immense confidence and determination. It was an absolute treat to witness him in action like this.

It was also great to sit at the controls with my new friend Scott Ternan who is a stellar guy and an absolute brilliant engineer. He dialed in an incredible drum sound!!

My wife made an incredible lunch for everyone! And thank you Tim Steinruck for the energy and guidance!!

I simply cannot wait to record the rest of the instruments and vocals on this album!!
I feel privileged, humbled by the experience and very inspired.

Here's a short video of Ryan recording one of the more complicated drum parts on the album:


May9 2014
T-Shirts are now available HERE

April 29 2014
T-Shirts and Limited Edition artwork prints will be available for sale here very soon and for those who have supported the Kickstarter campaign these items will be shipping out within the next 2 weeks!

Please join the Facebook page for more updates and photos.


April 23 2014
The Kickstarer Campaign has ended and the goal has been reached! Thank you so much for everyone's love and support! I am so overwhelmed and grateful!
I promise this will be one hell of an album!! For those who have contributed to the campaign, update #4 is available on the Trailight Kickstarer site and includes a full length demo track for you guys to check out!


April 15 2014
Tentative tracks on the album thus far include (this might change still):

-Of Time and the Great Unknown
-A Thousand Years
-Division (part I)
-Frail Human Form
-We Are The Ocean
-The Primitive Mountain
-Illusion (part II)
-The Enemy Of My Enemy


March 21 2014
Dear friends,
Here you will find the link to the Kickstarter Campaign page where you can contribute and be a part in the creation of the new Trailight album
"The Primitive Mountain".
With your help, I can make this a reality and share with the world what I profoundly feel is going to be an amazing body of music.
Thank you all very much for your support.

Lets do this!!  CLICK HERE to go to the Kickstarter page.

March 12 2014
Hello everyone!
A few updates and exciting news to officially announce;

Three guest musicians have confirmed their appearance on the album;
The first is drummer extraordinaire Ryan Van-Poederooyen best known for his work with "The Devin Townsend Project". Ryan is an exceptional drummer and I am absolutely thrilled to have him on board.

Jed Simon who we all know from his work with "Strapping Young Lad" and currently of the band "Scar The Martyr" will be contributing a guitar solo on one track. I am thrilled and honoured to have Jed's signature style on one of the heavier tracks of the album.

Marc Dixon of the Virginia based band "The Shallowz" will perform guest vocals. Marc has one of the greatest voices I've heard and his contribution is indeed a treat for me.

On March 21st I will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the recording process of the new album. The funds gathered from the campaign will help pay for studio time, engineer, equipment rentals, mixing, mastering, artwork and duplication of the CD's.
In contrast to the first album, I am not doing everything myself
I hope that you will help support and be a part of what is already shaping up to be an amazing musical experience.

Last but not least, the title for the new album is set and it shall be called "The Primitive Mountain".
If all falls into place, it will see the light of day during the fall of this year.

February 15 2014

Part 2 of the making of the album video can be found HERE. The tracks are coming along nicely and the whole project is slowly taking shape and forming a personality. This is definitely a bit different than the first effort and I am very excited about where this is heading.

More news coming up!

January 31 2014
I've been working diligently on writing material for a new Trailight album and the ideas are flowing nicely.
There will be a few guest musicians on this album; on drums, the mighty Ryan Van Poederooyen, Derek Tsan will be handling most of the guitar work on the album this time around and I am waiting to confirm a couple of other guest musicians.
I will try to document the process as much as I can and post updates as things transpire and evolve.

Check out Part 1 of the pre-production process HERE.

Stay tuned!

December 19 2013

It has been a month since the release of the album. Thank you everyone for the tremendous feedback and overwhelming support!
It's incredibly flattering to read the emails, comments, and feedback from you who have supported the album and enjoy the music so much. Thank you!

Ideas for new music are currently being developed and will start taking shape throughout early 2014.

Thank you once again!

November 30 2013

Thank you to everyone who showed up to support the album release party! It was a tremendous success and the turn out was quite overwhelming! Thank you! There are plans for another live show around Late January / early February. 

Meanwhile, please support the album by purchasing it HERE  and check out some photos and videos from the show in the photos and videos section on the site.

Thanks again for making this a huge success!


November 19 2013

It gives me great pleasure to share with you all the very first release of my Trailight project.
This is a monumental landmark for me as it encompasses everything that has inspired me musically throughout my life and I wish that to some degree, throughout the experience of listening to this, it will inspire you, the listener to create and do something positive, in whichever way or form you chose.
I'd like to deeply thank everyone who has helped me throughout this process, directly, or indirectly.

You can now listen to the album and purchase it HERE.

I hope you enjoy it.



Oct 23 2013

Please check out the single from the forthcoming album HERE. Comment, like and share!

Oct 17 2013

Our first show is confirmed for November 27 at the Roxy in Vancouver. This will be our CD release party so come join us! Opening the show will be The Repossessors.
Doors at 7pm cover is $5. Check out the event poster HERE.

Oct 8 2013

Set your calendars to November 19th 2013! Trailight debut album will see the light of day (if you'd pardon the pun...).
The album will be available in Digital format on and also in physical Digipack which contain some cool artwork so make sure you get your hands on one (or three) of those! You can check out what the whole thing looks like HERE.

Track List:

1. A Brief Instant
2. Now I am Become Death
3. Silence
4. Retrospect
5. Humanity
6. Che
7. Sense Of Reality
8. Unity
9. Introspect

A live show is in the works as the official CD release party towards the end of November. I am honoured to have 2 outstanding musicians share the stage with me; On guitars Mr. Derek Tsan who joined in and helped with the final stages of the album. And on Drums the honourable Mr. Ash Pearson of the band "3 Inches of Blood". Venue and date will be posted as soon as details are finalized.

More news coming soon!!


Sept 19 2013

I am thrilled and ecstatic to announce that the album mixes are now complete!!!
Mastering will commence this coming Tuesday with Brock McFarlane here in Vancouver and I am hoping to have it available to the public late October or early November online and in CD format (Digipack) as well.

I've decided to leave everything as instrumental with voice-overs. During the process of recording I dabbled with some vocals but they just didn't fit the whole scheme so I decided to drop it and keep the original idea as I feel it ties everything together nicely and it says more than I could express in lyrical form.

Mixing took a lot of time and effort. I spent hours upon hours every day trying to get the right mix and the right levels for everything to sound the way I want it to and I think that the end result sounds great. The final polish will be done by Brock during Mastering.
The years I've spent in my career as a photographer taught me one very important thing: "Keep it simple!" There are no frills on this album. I tried to capture a raw sound and feel and despite being a one man operation, I think I've captured that well.

It has been an exhausting journey to say the least. It is quite an undertaking to write everything, play all the instruments, produce, mix and do the artwork but I am pretty proud of how it turned out and I hope that everyone will like it.

The musicians who were supposed to collaborate didn't quite work out unfortunately and due to those circumstances it pushed me to do it all in house which is a good thing and a great learning curve. The process taught me more than I could ever have imagined!
During the final stages of the recording I teamed up with Derek Tsan who helped me get this whole project finalized. A big thank you to Derek!

Thank you everyone for the support!! I am very grateful!

Here's a sample of what's to come!


Sept 11 2013

Most of the mixes are finished and they are sounding great! Now it's just a matter of listening to everything 10,000 times and be content with the final result.

I am very proud of what has been created here. It's been (and still is) a lot of work and quite the daunting task and undertaking to do everything; play all the instruments, produce, mix and do the artwork and layout.

I am hoping to have this ready and available to share with everyone mid / late October!!

I am also very excited to reveal the album cover artwork HERE!

Stay tuned for more news and final release date!


August 13 2013

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project! I am very grateful for your encouragement and support!

I've finished recording all the bass parts and they are sounding great! Being primarily a bassist, the sound and feel is very important to me and so I spent a lot of time perfecting my compositions.
I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel! Vocals are going to be recorded over the next couple of weeks and then I start mixing.
Stay tuned!

A Biography section has been added to the website, thanks to Graham Driscoll.
More news coming soon!


June 6 2013

Very exciting news to announce;

Over the course of the next couple of months I will be in the studio recording my Trailight debut album!

I have already started working on the artwork with the help of my wife Jennie. It’s coming along very nicely and it is likely that the final physical packaging of the CD will be in Digipack form as well as online.

I am hoping for a mid to late October release. Final details will be announced as I am getting closer towards finishing the recording process.

More news as things progress!


January 12 2013

I've been featured in the ""Artist Spotlight" section at Spector Bass for this month, check it out HERE. Quite an honour to be featured on their website!

November 16 2012

I recorded a short tribute to "Sea Shepherd Conservation Society".
Check it out HERE.
Support Sea Shepherd!


October 25 2012

I am thrilled and honoured to announce that as of today I am officially endorsed by Spector Basses!
I'd like to thank PJ Rubal from Spector and my good friend Sam Cerami for making this happen!


October 16 2012

Welcome to my official project page for "Trailight".  Here I will share with you my musical journeys.